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What Mentors Say

  • Great platform as you get guidance/advice from people who are established in their fields...very necessary as today there are multiple agencies that give generic advice on very niche fields that does not add much value…as a mentor it’s refreshing as you get to talk to people who are really curious in the domain

    - Abhishek Bose
  • Chase program gave me a good opportunity to discuss possibilities in career opportunity with an energetic individual. Beyond the ‘similar’ trait I see among my colleagues and a ‘judgemental’ eye with which I view new candidates, I had a candid and real conversation with a purpose.

    - Ranjith Kumar
  • The offering by chase is a much needed one. Our educational institutions today provide us very little in terms of actual work exploration and readiness. In enabling access to mentors, chase is allowing for young professionals to make informed decisions about their futures.

    - Insiyah Rangwala
  • Mentorship has proven to be the most mutually beneficial tool for personal development for the aspirant as well as the guide. Chase takes this basic belief and makes it accessible at a scale that was not thought of until now. Glad to be a part of such an initiative as a mentor, with the hope of becoming a chaser myself, someday.

    - Rohit Bane

What Chasers Say

  • Its so tough to find your calling given the age we live in, everybody wants to experiment with everything. And the further we go on a certain path, the tougher it becomes to break chains and come out of. So its wonderful since Chase is helping people do that.

    - Shefali Sharma
  • Throwing darts in darkness is good for starters but won't take you a long way. You need to switch on the lights to be a pro. Thanks to Chase which helps bridging the gap between you and your goals. Highly recommended to people with practical and growth mindset.

    - Aditya Malhotra
  • I got a clear insight on what is really important, and could successfully explore new career choices, and steps to pursue it. It helped me clarify my confusion and second thoughts while proceeding with a definite goal.

    - Bidita Basu
  • Chase experience for me was really interesting. My mentor gave some useful pointers that has definitely helped me in defining a clear roadmap and has helped me decide the vital next steps. Amazing platform for someone who is looking for some guidance in their respective fields

    - Kashish Duhan

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